April 18, 2020

The Story of Devops - Who created it and When ?

Who created devops ? Who coined this term and when ? When did devops originate ?  Why was it even created ? Who owns it ?  If you want to find answers to all these questions, do tune to this first episode of Being Devops, where, I, Gourav Shah, the founder at School of Devops, would narrate the story of devops as I saw it unfold.

The Story of Devops by Gourav Shah, Published as part of "Being Devops" Series. 

In this first episode of Being Devops series, I talk about,

  1. How was release management done in the pre devops era and how it led to the friction between dev who were already agile and ops, who had not caught up with the new world.
  2. How was infrastructure and configuration management done in the pre devops era.
  3. How it all led to one person from Belgium starting to talk about solving this problem by brining agility into infrastructure management, and how his first attempt to it failed.
  4. What happened in 2009 that brought this conversation back and how that  led to #devops  as a term being coined.
  5. What happened after devops came into being, and how to make sense of it all.

I hope this story helps you make sense of the devops. Because unless you know where you come from, you would not not where you are going.  Do tune in to this episode of being devops to get the complete story.

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