February 28, 2020 · articles

Multi Bagger Devops Stocks for 2020

This post in continuation of the article that I wrote in 2018 with a similar name which is published and available here.   If you read the article, you could see that all my predications were bang on the money.  If devops technologies were listed as company stocks and if you were to bet your money to get maximum returns, here would be my recommendations for this year 2020.  


Kubernetes stock has been on rise for the the past few years. In fact, I had recommended it in 2018 as well. However, its about to explode and break out starting this year as it becomes the gold standard in the world of container orchestration. Containers based software delivery is  not the future anymore. Its already here, today, in present. If your organisation is not using it already, its not the question of if but rather when they would get started with it.  And when that happens, the way your applications would be deployed in a production environments would be on Kubernetes, or may be even Openshift, which a SaaS platform built on top of Kubernetes.  

However, there is more to the story that not a lot of folks have realised yet. While majority of the organisations are only thinking  about deploying their applications on kubernetes, what most don't realise it its not just about running your applications. Kubernetes is set to become the new platform after cloud. Similar ro how everything is moved to run natively on cloud, also causing the  the emergence of all the managed services,  in future everything will start running natively on kubernetes.  

Some early signs include project Tekton  which would allow creating Pipelines and Jobs as native resources on the lines of Pods, Deployments, Services etc. No more creating Jenkins jobs, but you would create yaml manifests and deploy them just like any other kubernetes resources.  More over, you could run service mesh, setup serverless frameworks on top of kubernetes. Welcome to the future, where you would create and run everything on top of kubernetes.

Service Mesh/Istio

As organisations migrate their workloads to containers based eco system, and start deploying on kubernetes, they would  get addicted to the awesomeness it offers. Eventually, they would want more of it.  And thats when they would start realising some of the limitation of kubernetes platform, as well as how to achieve  more amazing things by extending it. Enter service mesh, mainly Istio as its implementation. Istio is a fantastic extension of your kubernetes platform, which off loads many things from the developers/operators plate to the platform e.g. traffic routing and management, smarter canaries, resilience testing and fault injection, mtls setup between services, telemetry etc.  

If you already are skilled up in Kubernetes, you must look at Istio to take your skills further. You could check out my istio course to get started.


Terraform is the  new Mr Cool in the Infrastructure as a Code space. As more and more companies migrate to cloud, and also start implementing a multi cloud strategy, they realize the need to automate the setup . Using a cloud specific solutions such as Cloudformation  and ARM is not the best option always, as its not only a bit complex to learn and use, but also is very specific to a cloud.  You could instead use a generic cloud provisioning tool which is also fairly easy and feature rich. Enter terraform.  Despite Ansible being one of the most popoular configuration management tool, which also comes with cloud modules, terraform still maintains its space because of its cloud provisioning specific features (e.g. locking) as well as the sheer amount of cloud resources it could support.  Learning Terraform in 2020 would add a great value to  your career.

If you are looking to kick off this year by getting started with these technologies as well as other relevant devops tools, do check out our courses at www.schoolofdevops.com

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